Welcome to AKrunchy World!

Welcome to AKrunchy World!

Earth Day seemed like the perfect day to make my KindA Krunchy debut. If you are reading this post, I thank you for joining me and supporting my journey to start this blog and share my ideas for natural living. So what can you expect from KindA Krunchy? Here are 10 basic philosophies for this … Read More

Rug Odors? Let’s Freshen Things Up!

Rug Odors?  Let’s Freshen Things Up!

Springtime in Alaska… and that lovely smell of dog poo and freshly thawed organic muck… Between pets, kids and spouses working hard to get your home ready for spring, there’s bound to be some of those lovely springtime aromas (aka allergens, poo particles, ‘dirt’, etc.) making their way into your home and all through your … Read More

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