Battle of the Brands

If you are an essential oil enthusiast, you likely spend a good chunk of your time trying to convince non-oilers to make the switch.  Maybe you also want to grow a business as a wellness consultant…  So, you spend hours researching oils and gathering evidence to support their use.  Soon, you also begin teaching classes about your oily world and successfully convince others to jump on the bandwagon…

Then it happens.

YOUR oils become the ONLY oils.

You suddenly find yourself openly snubbing your nose at alternative brands and questioning those users about their choice to invest in mediocracy.

Your mind has become so fixed on YOUR brand.

I get it.  I’ve been there.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in quality and purity standards that make YOUR essential oils such a powerful wellness tool.  We all want oils that are effective and safe for our families.  We want to build up a company whose integrity we can truly stand behind.  As essential oil enthusiasts, we want people to come to us for advice and see the beauty in living a chemical-free lifestyle through OUR company… but we also must be mindful of our approach.

There are certainly ‘bad’ essential oils out there made by companies who do not have strict quality standards and ultimately prey on the ignorant…  THOSE brands absolutely should be called out.  So, let me be clear that my discussion in this blog post is strictly regarding leading brands of “100% Pure Therapeutic Grade” essential oils.

Why do I need to distinguish this “100% pure therapeutic grade” label?  Because the majority of ‘pure’ essential oils on commercialized markets are imposters!  Most of the oils you can buy in convenience stores contain questionable ingredients, since essential oil developers are only required to use 5-10% of pure, authentic, plant-derived essential oil in their products.  This means that up to 95% of what is in those ‘essential oils’ can be anything from simple hydrosols and carrier oils to synthetic solvents or fragrance.  Not to mention the oil you buy may have been derived using solvents or obtained from crops treated with pesticides… Yuck.  No wonder consumers have trust issues!

So, before you invest in a bottle of essential oil goodness, you should always ask yourself:

Unfortunately, the average essential oil user can not tell you where and how their oils were derived.  This is where multi-level marketing (MLM) has become such a powerful tool in distributing and selling essential oils, and is our best defense against bogus brands.  MLM businesses allow essential oil enthusiasts to provide powerful testimonies and science-based evidence for their products and the crops from which they are derived.  Personal marketing has become crucial in the oiler world because we need security in our products from people we trust, as we rely on these oils for our families and/or choose to promote them as a business.  With the push for integrity, social media has become a powerful marketing and educational tool for essential oils… which has led to some ‘Battle of the Brands’ among oil users.

I recently had a conversation with a woman who was turned off by my preferred brand because one of ‘our people’ had given her an earful of protest (how choosing ANY other brand is toxic trash).  I explained to this woman that I do not condone negative marketing.  On occasion, our enthusiasm for oils and products we love tends to light fires that get a little out of hand.  Essential oil businesses are built on personal testimonies and transparency of the company under which business builders unite.  Through this process, it’s easy for oilers to claim solidarity and faithfulness to one brand.  Heaven forbid you choose any other leading brand when your most-used oil is temporarily out-of-stock…

Take a moment to realize what highbrow brand bashing is portraying to the world; rather than inviting new oilers, it creates an intimidating persona of unattainable wellness. 

It’s good to have others call us out and bring us down from our pedestal!

Here’s the TRUTH:  Unless you, yourself, were cultivating the land, choosing seeds, growing the crops, harvesting, running all the quality testing and placing the final seals on each precious bottle of liquid wellness…. it’s just not possible to know YOUR essential oils are the ‘best’.

SO.  Which brands DO you choose?! Talk to oily friends and family – these are people you know you can trust.  Do some research and ask the tough questions.  I’m always an email away for more information, and I’d be happy to help you explore essential oils, brands and even the business side of things!

Bottom line?  There are multiple leading brands of quality, therapeutic grade essential oils for a reason – THEY WORK.  People are out there simply trying to spread that message.

Draw others in with passion, and be mindful of your approach.  We must raise the wellness bar without raising eyebrows!


Have you had any negative experiences with essential oil consultants?  Share your story below!

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