DIY – AKrunchy Baby Wash

Bath time provides fundamental cognitive and emotional development for our babies.  Unfortunately, this is also a time when many parents unknowingly expose their little nuggets to toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals from ‘trusted’ soap brands.

Our skin is our largest organ, and baby skin is no exception!  There is a reason experts set so many topical limitations for babies, as their skin is 40-50% more absorptive than adults and far more susceptible to ‘percutaneous’ toxicity.

Several factors contribute to heightened skin toxicity susceptibility in babies, including their:

  • different skin structure – which includes a higher water content (absorbs more water and loses excess water faster than adult skin), thinner skin and less hair;
  • high surface area-to-volume ratio;
  • immature drug metabolism systems; and
  • decreased fat stores.

These factors combine to effectively increase absorptive area while decreasing the volume of distribution of toxins.  Additionally, infants lack developed detoxification systems, so exposure to harmful chemicals is strenuous on their immature little bodies!

We, as parents or guardians, need to be vigilant of products used on and around our babies.  One of the easiest ways to expose our children to harmful chemicals is through soaps and oils used during bath time routines, SO… let’s change that!

Try my DIY wash/shampoo alternative for your baby’s next bath.  Or heck, use it as a body wash for yourself (I do).  I have used this on my son with great success since he was 6 weeks old!  The lavender + cedarwood combination also makes for a perfect transition to bedtime.  ZZzzzz  **SEE NOTE BELOW**

  • 1/3 cup Castile Soap (Dr. Bronner’s – Baby Mild / Unscented)
  • 1/3 cup Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1/3 cup Distilled Water
  • ½ tsp Aloe Vera (pure gel)
  • 10 drops Vitamin E (in olive oil)
  • 1-7 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 1-7 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • Foaming soap dispenser (glass is preferred, quality plastic is OK)

Heat the coconut oil until just melted and pour into your foaming soap dispenser (wash the dispenser prior to first use).  Gently add all other ingredients and swirl/invert to mix (it may foam up a bit in the bottle – that’s okay).  Be sure to give the bottle a couple swirls prior to each use to stir up the fresh goods!

As with any recipe I post, the quality of essential oils you use is CRITICAL.  Always use a trusted brand of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils!  Also, with essential oils it is best to use a glass bottle for long-term storage, but I have been using a tinted plastic dispenser that works just fine, as long as I’m sticking to lavender and cedarwood oils.  If you switch things up and try other essential oils, I encourage you to research proper storage.

**NOTE**  The amount of essential oil you use depends on your child’s age and size.  Always research and practice safe dilution.  For infants, less is more!  When you are first trying this soap, start with 1-2 drops each of lavender and cedarwood until you know your little one is comfortable.  You can gradually increase the essential oil content as your babe grows.

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