Why it’s Time to Get Some BALLS!!!


Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients for dryer sheets or liquid softeners?  Oh, that’s right… you can’t!  Manufacturers are not required to list ingredients on fragrances and laundry products… you know, the products that infiltrate your clothes and rest in contact with the largest organ of your body every day (unless you’re a nudist…).

Sure, they smell amazing… if you like the smell of over 25 volatile air pollutants — including carcinogens, acetaldehyde and benzene.  Not to mention their fumes are known to cause irritation of eyes, nose, throat and lungs.  Emissions from dryer vents are essentially unregulated, so the chemicals ‘released’ from fabric softeners are of no concern to our government.   …who knew Snuggles had such a dark side??

(You have to admit, that bear was creepy…)

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) assigns a rating of D or F to over 83% of dryer sheets and fabric softeners on the market.  So, what types of chemicals are we talking about?  How about these lovely ingredients:

Chloroform?! Yikes!  And this list doesn’t even cover “fragrance” chemicals, which we all know is code for ‘mostly-synthetic-junk-that-slowly-destroys-your-body… but-smells-nice’.

Throw it all away and start fresh.  You can still get that Downy-soft feel WITHOUT the harmful chemicals!  There’s a simple solution:


  1. Wool dryer balls are a natural replacement for chemically-treated dryer sheets and softeners.
  2. Eliminate dryer sheet waste! These dryer balls can be reused through several hundred dryer loads.
  3. Reduce dryer time and save energy.  Wool balls absorb some moisture from your clothes, which helps reduce drying time.  (This is especially helpful for cloth diaper loads!).
  4. It’s eco-friendly, all around.  You’re reducing toxic waste in landfills, as well as eliminating toxic emissions from your dryer vents.
  5. Essential oils can be added to the wool balls for a pleasant aroma and freshness.
  6. Kids may help you fold that laundry when there’s balls hidden in your basket…

I recommend you have a dozen dryer balls on hand.  Purchase or make them yourself!  I cycle 6 balls per load (4 for small/medium loads), giving ones from my previous load a chance to air-out before I use them again.

Essential oils can be added to your dryer balls for a little aromatherapy and freshness.  Keep in mind that the quality of essential oils you choose makes a huge difference!  As always, I highly recommend using Young Living essential oils (message me for details!), which are pure 100% therapeutic grade.

One great way to add essential oil(s) to your wool balls is to coat a large mason jar with 5-10 drops, add the balls and shake until they are well-coated.  Simply store wool balls in this jar after every use to keep the aroma alive.  Once the aroma wears off (after several loads), you can refresh the mason jar or even swap out for something new!

Young Living Essential Oil Recommendations for Soft and Fresh Clothes:
  • Sweet & Refreshing: Purification®
  • Citrus Relaxation: Lemon + Lavender
  • Encouraging Energy: Peppermint + Orange
  • Tropical Inspiration: Lime + Stress Away®
Additional blends to try:
  • Thieves®
  • Mint + Orange
  • Lavender +  Rose
  • Grapefruit + Lemon
  • Rosemary + Lavender
  • Cinnamon + Orange
  • Lemon + Basil
  • Spearmint + Eucalyptus


Do you have a preferred recipe for essential oils on YOUR wool dryer balls?  Comment below and share your recipe.


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