Coffee vs. NingXia Red

The average American worker spends $20 per week on coffee.  That equates to $4 per day or $1092 per year.

Digging a little deeper – according to a 2015 study, $3.28 is the average going-rate for ‘coffee’ (including all types; black to fancy) from your local coffee hole.  Americans, on average, consume 2.1 cups-worth of coffee a day, driving the cost for coffee up to a whopping $6.56 per day… and that doesn’t include tips or that empty-carb-loaded snack to go along with your beverage!

Coffee is our go-to in the morning as we’re dragging our feet out the door, and it is our saving grace for that post-lunch afternoon slump.  Sure, there are some beneficial properties of coffee… if you’re drinking organic, BLACK coffee, locally sourced from sustainably harvested beans.  Though you and I both know that’s not what the average American goes for every day!  Only one quarter of Americans like their coffee black, while the rest of us indulge in additions like milk, cream and sugar… or that delicious (and spendy!) 16-oz peppermint white chocolate mocha at Christmas time…. Mmmmmm.

We live fast-paced lives and we’re always looking for a good source of energy to make up for our lack of sleep.  I will hazard a guess that women, especially, will often opt for expensive, sugary, calorie-loaded, artificially flavored, creamy, coffee beverages.

So, what if I told you there was a better choice…  and it only costs $1.42 per serving?

Meet NingXia Red® from Young Living!

NingXia Red® is a nutrient infusion powered by wolfberry puree in a blend of plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices and extracts.  This drink is packed with antioxidant ingredients and enhanced with lemon, orange, yuzu and tangerine essential oils for a great-tasting supplement that supports overall wellness and keeps you going ALL. DAY. LONG.

View the full story behind this power juice in THIS VIDEO.

Can you get THAT from coffee?

Just 1-2 oz of NingXia Red every morning will get your wheels spinning and ready to hit the ground running.  Want an extra boost?  Try adding a single drop of Nutmeg Vitality(TM) to your NingXia beverage!  Nutmeg supports healthy energy levels, and you’ll certainly feel it kick in during your commute to work.

So, what about costs?

The NingXia + Nutmeg shot comes down to is $1.56 per serving (includes roughly 14 cents for a drop of nutmeg). One ounce doesn’t cut it for me, so I recommend at least two servings every morning, which will run you $3.12 or $2.84 per day, with or without Nutmeg Vitality(TM), respectively.

Still cheaper than the average coffee beverage!

Is NingXia Red® still not enough to get you through those Monday meetings?

NingXia Nitro® combines the power of NingXia Red® with an additional 40 mg of naturally occurring caffeine.  This energizing supplement will run you $2.77 per serving.


NingXia Red® with Nutmeg Vitality™ in the morning, combined with NingXia Nitro® for a late morning or early afternoon pick-me-up, and you’ll be sitting anywhere from $4.19 to $5.89 per day for natural, essential-oil-infused power to make it through your day.  Still cheaper AND healthier than the average coffee shop order.

No tips required : )


Interested in NingXia or other products from Young Living?  Consider a wholesale membership through the purchase of a NingXia Red® Starter Kit!  I would love to help you through the process and be your Young Living mentor on our journey to wellness.  Message me for more details and special offers!



Nothing I have stated here has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Products mentioned herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.

Prices stated in this article are based on a wholesale membership with Young Living… join the revOILution, folks!
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