Look Beyond Your Cloud of Doubt

Some people thrive on taking chances, risking it all, and diving in head-first; living a no-questions-asked kind of life…

I am NOT one of those people.

When faced with a challenge, I retreat to my ‘safe space’, thoroughly research and invest in the subject of my challenge until I am a self-proclaimed expert.  Only then, do I timidly tip-toe my way back to face the challenge as the cloud of doubt lifts.

Sound familiar?  Greenie personalities tend to think this way.  We are:

  • the last ones to raise our hands because we’re only 99% confident in our answer.
  • the ones sitting in the back of class to avoid being the object of our instructor’s impromptu questions.
  • the ones looking uncomfortable when asked a question we cannot answer.
  • the ones who take FOREVER to start a project because no amount of research is enough.

Above all, I fear the embarrassment of being caught unprepared.

Overthinking is a form of fear.  The problem with this type of fear is you will NEVER get ahead.  You’ll spend your days comparing yourself to the experts and feeling unqualified to host meaningful discussions about your passions.  You desire to share and invent, but you are held back by fear of failure and inadequacy.

Here’s the truth:

In the picture above, I am teaching my first class about essential oils – oils that have truly made a difference in my life and from a company that has inspired me to share my passion for chemical-free living with others.  It took me a few months to build up the courage to teach in front of strangers.  Who is going to listen to ME?  After all, I am no expert.  Despite my decade of being a conscious consumer, essential oils are new to my life over the past 8 months… so how could I possibly have something useful to say about the topic?

That cloud of doubt kills dreams long before we have a chance to even see them.

We are told time and time again, “do not let fear rule your life”.  Easier said than done, right?  I hear you.  It’s NOT easy.  Overcoming fear is the hardest thing you will do in life.

Though ask yourself this: who is looking to you, right now, for answers?  Are you a mother or a father figure with a child watching your every move?  Does your niece or nephew look to you for guidance?  Are you a public figure with an impressionable audience?  Are your friends or siblings going through a rough time and need your support?  …Is your dog wondering where his favorite ball went?

FACT:  You are someone’s source of inspiration right now.

Even in your weakest moments, every loving eye is on you to see you pull through.  In fact, your weakest moments are someone’s greatest source of inspiration.

In the eyes of my 8-month-old, the world is limitless.  He watches everything we, as parents, do around him to know where limits exist and fear takes over.  If we show him fear in pursuit of our passions, he will respond with that same fear in his life.  If you doubt your abilities, you are instilling that same sense of doubt in your followers.

So, get out there and share your passion(s) with the world!  Do not shy away from moments of inspiration for fear of failure!

Do not let that cloud of doubt hide your truth…


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