Why We Hate MLM Companies… and Why I Joined One

Beachbody LLC, Scentsy, Mary Kay Inc, Jamberry, Younique… just to name a few of the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies floating around your social media these days.   Not just floating – sometimes they consume your entire feed!  I’m willing to bet some of you have even unfriended or unfollowed ‘friends’ because you just can’t stand to see another post of your buddy promoting a hopeless ‘business’…

That was my opinion, too.

Until I was introduced to Young Living.

Suddenly, I’m not only in love with Young Living products for myself, but I have a strong desire to promote and share.  This isn’t about commission or growing a business; this is about educating and sharing something truly valuable to everyone.

Whole-body wellness using natural and chemical-free solutions is something we all need in our lives.  Many of us choose to ignore natural solutions to our everyday needs simply because it’s ‘not convenient’, it’s ‘costly’ or you don’t believe in that ‘hippy bull****’.

The truth is that ‘hippy bull****’ is exactly where your everyday products originate – from medicine cabinet contents to cleaning products and beauty supplies.  Some of you may respond to that statement with, “and we’ve made the world a better place because of it!”

Have we though?

For example:  Think about the last prescription drug commercial you saw on television.  How many side effects did they list?  What was the fine print on the screen?  What other drugs did it say to avoid in combination?  Now dig deeper… Who ‘owns’ that drug?  Who profits?  Is your doctor legally/ethically bound to an alternative provider/brand and cannot recommend that televised drug?  Why is this drug even commercialized?

The fact is, we live in a world with 7+ billion people, and products we sell are designed with mass production, preservation and marketing in mind.  Synthetic substances, additives, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers, etc… It’s NOT all necessary!  The quality of any natural ingredients, if a company can even claim ‘natural’ ingredients, is diminished by added chemicals that generate a new set of issues for consumers.  It’s a sick cycle that keeps consumers dependent.

That’s where Young Living has made a difference in my life.  Welcome to the world of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils!

…and not just a world of oils, but a world of naturopathy education, DIY recipes, and healthy products and supplements for your family – all based on the PROVEN power of essential oils.  No more spending hours reviewing ingredient labels on your lotions and potions at the grocery store – either make it yourself, or (if you’re not much of a DIY-er) use one of the many essential oil based products Young Living has to offer.

Not all essential oils are created equal, and I’ve tried my share of other brands.  So, what sets Young Living apart?  In short, they are the world leader in essential oil and wellness solutions with an unmatched Seed-to-Seal QA/QC process over 22 years in the making.  Yes, they’ve been around THAT long.  As an MLM company…  and their members are still thriving and growing.  Imagine that!

But don’t just take MY word for it – go visit one of the many Young Living farms and see the magic for yourself.  With locations on six continents and more than 30 countries, you can tour their facilities and view the whole process behind Young Living’s Seed-to-Seal promise.  Young Living utilizes responsible and sustainable growing and harvesting methods, overseeing every step of production to ensure that you get pure essential oils and products you won’t find anywhere else.

Never before had any MLM company made sense to me.  My choice to join Young Living is not about ‘business’ – it’s about education and providing natural solutions for our everyday needs.

Forget trying to sell useless and unnecessary products… change lives and promote natural wellness and chemical-free living!  Whether you are looking for a work-from-home solution for total financial freedom, or you simply want to make enough money on the side to fund your hobbies – look no further than Young Living!

If you’re interested in learning more, send me a message and I’d be happy to help you sort through the details.  I am part of a larger, local (Alaskan) ‘team’ devoted to sharing our passion for all Young Living has to offer, and we regularly host online and in-person classes and DIY workshops to help you get the most out of your oils.  You don’t need to make a business of it, but becoming a Young Living member with me allows you to enjoy wholesale prices as well as grants you exclusive access to special offers and resources that will set your family up for a happier, healthier future!  Start small, and I bet before long you’ll be wondering how you can get more involved…

It happens to the best of us.

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Want to know more?

Young Living’s Seed-to-Seal® farms:  http://www.seedtoseal.com/

Young Living site: https://www.youngliving.com/

Interested in becoming a member?  Drop me a message and let’s talk about your options and the popular Premium Starter Kit!



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