Rug Odors? Let’s Freshen Things Up!

Springtime in Alaska… and that lovely smell of dog poo and freshly thawed organic muck…

Between pets, kids and spouses working hard to get your home ready for spring, there’s bound to be some of those lovely springtime aromas (aka allergens, poo particles, ‘dirt’, etc.) making their way into your home and all through your carpets.

Want a quick way to disinfect and freshen up your rugs?  Try this trick using three simple ingredients:

  1. Baking Soda
  2. Glass Dish (for mixing)
  3. Thieves EO
  4. Lemon EO

Simply add 2-3 drops each of Thieves and Lemon essential oil to about 1/4 cup of baking soda.  Mix using a stainless steel fork or spoon until there is an even consistency, seen below:

Sprinkle this delicious and healthy mix all over your carpets/rugs and LET IT SIT for as long as you want before vacuuming.  Letting this sit overnight is best for a deeper clean, and allows you and your family to enjoy the aromatic properties of these oils longer.  These oils are powerful cleansers and disinfectants – trust in the power!

Expecting company?  Sprinkle some of this around your carpet about an hour before your guests arrive and vacuum at the last minute to bring out that amazingly fresh and clean aroma.  Guaranteed to please!

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